Wednesday, May 20, 2015

5/18 - 5/24 RACE WEEK!

It's finally here! Race week and I'm feeling health and fit! Let's go!!!

Mon - 640pm - 7++ (51:57) in the neighborhoods with Macknight. Felt good and relaxed.

Tues - 530pm - 5m (37:08) ran in Spac for some trails and relaxation. Post run got in some extra stretching and a ice bath..all about recovery!

Wed - 630pm - 5m (34:07) normal loop in the neighborhoods. Everything feeling good.

Thurs - off - 1hr massage

Fri - off - unplanned, ended up working 7-7 by the time I got home I was beat.

Sat - 12pm - 3m (20:23) in Burlington.

Sun - 23m (VCM dropped at 22)

Summary - good week of rest, unfortunate result at the race. Report to follow.

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