Tuesday, May 5, 2015

5/4 - 5/10

Mon - 6pm - 10m (1:16:22) went to the state park just outside of Albany and met up with some of the ARE guys along with Macknight. Was nice to run on hilly soft surfaces, legs felt good after yesterday's run.

Tues - 615pm - 8m (5x800) wow did today get changed around a lot. Had the original plan of 5x1200, and having time for a proper warm up. Got out of work late and Jim got talked into a different workout as he wasn't feeling great. I shot out for an easy 10min warm up (not nearly enough) and jumped in with Jaime and Rich as they were doing 800's. Was a little nervous of the pace haven't done much faster paced stuff. Much to my pleasure and surprise the workout went really smooth, I sat back on the first rep then took over the work for the first 4-500m of the next reps. This allowed me to work on 2 things, running infront relaxed and fighting when those guys would go by.
Times : 233/233/231/233/232

Wed - 545am - 3+ (nt)

4pm - 9+ (1:06:17) out of work early today, went and picked up Ricardo (who's up visiting) and headed to the bike path in Albany. Had a nice relaxing run and caught up on things from the past year.

Thurs- 530pm- 8+ (nt) had the watch going to start the run but with how hot it was I staged some water at the house. Forgot to start the watch back up after the water stop. Oh well legs felt kinda shitty, didn't hydrate enough during the day.

730pm - 1hr massage

Fri - 530am - 6.5m (52:58) met up with Jessy, did the normal neighborhood loop. Legs felt much better and not to sore from last nights massage.

Sat - 8am - 8m (Peeper 5k) 2nd overall - not much to note with this race I got my ass handed to me pretty early, once we hit the turn around it was over. I opted to back of the pace and cruise in, overall not to surprised the change in course added a new element and I knew running a strong 5k would be a shot with no real speed work.

Sun - 8am - 15+ (1:53:54) Ran from my parents in Barrington down thru dover and back home. Sam came over that morning and joined for the run, it was pretty warm but felt very good for the run.

Summary - 68m - good week overall very happy with the workout earlier in the week and happy with the race. It was a nice change of pace and good 2nd workout. only 2 weeks till VCM and i'm feeling strong, the work is done now just need to get some rest and get to the line.

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