Tuesday, May 12, 2015

5/11-5/17 2 weeks left

As I close in on race day my main focus is feeling healthy and rested. The works been done.

Mon - off - planned to run but once the evening came around I was still feeling this past weekend. Opted for an early dinner and early lights out.

Tues. - 530am - 5m (nt) legs felt good a bit humid out. 

6pm - 5m (36:18) decided to mix things up a little. Made the trip up to Spac and ran the XC course.

Wed- 6pm - 7+ (51:30) assortment of loops in the neighborhoods with Macknight.

Thurs - 6pm - 8+ (59:00) another trip to Spac, looped some of the course then hopped on the "five mile trail" and took that around the park.

Fri - 6pm - 7+ (track) went over to the Saratoga track for my last workout. The plan was mile,2x800,4x400. I had talked to Pete earlier and the week and he suggested to keep the recovery at a quick pace. Got out a bit hot in the mile (504) and keep the rest under 7min pace. The 1st 8 (234) again keep the rest quick. Felt good thru 200 of the 2nd 8 then the form started to fall apart came thru in 77 and was done. I jogged off a lap and decided to end on a good note, popped over to the 200m mark and ran one hard 30.5. Shot Pete a call after as I was a little thrown back, he reassured me it was a good workout and that I pushed the mile a little to fast and recoveries should have been a bit slower. 
All in all it was a fun time trying to push, looking forward to the long push next week!

Sat - 7am  - 3+ (24:44) went down to watch the run Westfield race. Renee and KQ were running, myself, Kevin and Mark went to watch. Both ran PR's!

Sun - 10m (1:15:30) met up with KQ and Renee at the Y for there 10 miler. Just hoped in and ran the course, was a bit warm out but legs felt very good. Prior to the race I did the kids race with Sydney, Addie and KP, this was far more fun then the run!

Summary - 47m with 1 decent workout
Hayes in the barn!

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