Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 Review/ 2016 Preview

2015 - Was a good year of training and some good races. I was able to get my back under control and begin training the way I felt I should be training. I saw some PR's along the way not only in races but in single weekly highs and a yearly high. I lined up for 2 marathons, a spring and fall - the spring didn't go as planned. The fall was a good race but didn't feel the way I would have liked early, I still managed to be close to my PR.

Some 2015 highlights:
5k - 16:45 (Octoberfest)
5m - 27:45 (Delmar Dash)
Marathon - 2:48:22 (Hartford)
YTD - 3,636 

Looking forward to 2016:
I have some old goals I want to chase down now that I have been able to stay healthy. I want to take a crack at my PR's, across the board and see what I can get back to. I want to keep my miles going and not drop down, as far as marathons go - I plan to hold off till the fall and work on some speed and lowering my times at other distances. As well as get back to some trail and maybe a few mountain races!

Mile. - 440
3k - sub - 920
5k - sub 16
Half Marathon - sub 1:15
Marathon - sub 2:40

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