Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Sunday - 8/2 Wakefield RI.
If you have never done this race I highly recommend it!!

Arrived shortly before 8am, and got inside to change up prior to the warm up. A group was going for the course on the warm up, I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea. The distance not so much a problem the quicker pace and warmer temps hurt a little.

After changing shoes and getting some water on my head and face, I made my way to the start line. I had a plan in mind and wanted to stick to it, relaxed for the first 2 then try to push and chase people down the 2nd half. It didn't quite workout that way, off the line I felt good and stayed in a nice pack to ensure it was relaxed. We hit the mile in 5:24 and the group seemed to all stay intact, over the next half mile I was right where I wanted to be. Shortly after that point I got a similar feeling (same as Wednesday) I started to fall off the group, as this was happening a few guys started to come passed me I tried to regroup and go with them. It seemed every time I pushed to go I was slowing down, the rest of the race was a tough go. I continued to push with what I had and hold off anyone from coming by, as I approached the finish I did a quick check to see if anyone was around (knowing I had no other gear today) thankfully no on was close enough to worry. As soon as I crossed the line I was happy to get a bag of ice on my head and cooldown.

After the race a group of us headed over to Scott's parents for a cookout and hangout. This adds to the enjoyment of the event! Not only is it a stacked field every year but getting to relax and hangout with people makes it more enjoyable.

Results - 29th place 24:05 (WOOF)

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