Sunday, August 16, 2015

8/10 - 8/16

Ugh that damn hot and humid weather is back!!!

Mon - 515am - 3+ (27:08) sweet rd loop

6pm - 7++ in SPAC, ended up doing a workout on the bike path with a few guys. Mile/6x400/4x200, stayed in trainers felt smooth (538/76/74/73/73/72/73/34/34/34/34)

Tues - 6pm - 10+ (1:10:38) from the Y. Was struggling a bit with motivation and also deciding where to run, knew I needed to be at the Y before 730. In a last minute decision I just ran from the gym, worked out well minus the high humidity.

730pm - yoga

Wed - 515am - 3+ (27:23) sweet rd legs pretty sore from last nights yoga class.

6pm - 11+ (track workout) 
Spark notes version - had nothing no pop no power nothing rough go at it.
The plan - 4x2/3x4/2x8/mile/2x8/3x4/4x2 (half rest)
Reality - 4x2/3x4/2x8/mile/800 (if you want to call it that)
Times - 37/36/36/37/76/76/78/248/250
(Changed back to trainers) 552/300 done game over.

Thurs - 510pm - 9++ (1:13:23) in neighborhoods

Fri - 515am - 3+ (26:41) sweet rd

410pm - 10m (1:08:45) Corning bike path. W/Ricardo

Sat - 9am - 2m @ jail house rock
930am - 9m (1:07:06) w/KQ back to town

Sun - 16+ (1:54:58) large group in Saratoga - last run as most of these guys are taking off for school. First 7-8m wasn't bad humid but cloud cover last half got rough clouds burned off and he jumped from high 70's to high 80's.
Happy with the run - no fuel or water

Summary. - 86m, 1 good workout one not so good. Wanted more miles for the week but missed my second run Saturday to hang with friends and could have pushed a 2nd run Sunday to get my 90, decided against it rather recovery and replenish. 

Next week Belmar chase 5k 

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