Thursday, August 6, 2015

8/3 - 8/9

Finally this heat and humidity are taking a break! 2 of the thinks that make me struggle the most.

Mon - 6pm -  7.5m (56:26) in SPAC, first 3 on the 5k course with Renee and Eric. Followed the last 4+ solo.

Tues - 510am - 3+ (25:45) Sweet Rd

545pm - 9++(1:04:18) did a combo of loops trying to avoid the construction areas. One strange run in, some weirdo decided to stop and stare at me when I popped into the woods, I heard the car stop and asked if I could help him. Got some bs "can I help you" then sped off...WTF?

Wed -515am - 3+ (25:23) sweet rd

6pm - 15+ (workout) Corning preserve 
We decided a change of location would be good for this week. Hit an easy 2m warm up then into the racers (new ds racer 10's - felt awesome) the goal was 3x3m (5min rest) at goal marathon pace. Eric and Aaron were a bit infront of us running together. The 2nd group was myself, Pete and John, we are all targeting around the same time which makes for a very nice group to roll with. The goal was 550-610 (coving everyone's range) first rep was smooth I sat back a bit to get my legs under me, the next 2 I stayed right up front on the throttle. Felt very controlled and smooth, could feel the legs getting some fatigue towards the end but the breathing never got bad.
We had a 3m cooldown back to the cars which was kept easy. 

Thurs -630pm - 7+ (55:06) legs were pretty tired to start, began to loosen up during the run.

Fri - 515am - 3+ (26:32) sweet Rd

7pm - 10m (1:11:51) lake rd loop with Eric

Sat - 8am - 9+ (Dan ran 5k) 2nd overall 17:11 - not a ton of pop in the legs, was able to stay pretty consistent and climb well. Splits (524/537/535/34) felt good about the effort.

730pm - 5m (35:46) neighbor hood loop

Sun - 9am - 18m (2:06:47) in Saratoga with Travis. Felt good for majority of the run, last couple of miles started to get a little rough. Happy with the run and pace for my first real long run of the cycle.

Summary - 92m, 1 good workout and a solid race.

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