Monday, November 5, 2012

11/5 - 11/11

Mon - 8m (51:55) Nice run with Derrick, a bit chilly tonight but all in all a good run.
Tues - 8+ (57:34) Out the door right around 530 (darkout) went over to some neighborhoods off Plank Rd. We haven't done to much running over there and needless to say got a bit lost, had to stop and ask someone how to get out of the neighborhood.
Wed - 10m (hill workout) Today was my first workout under my new training plan. Called for 4x3min up hill, I had to do a bit of searching as there are not very many big hills around hear. Was able to find a  .5m hill (similar to the 2nd half of drummer) had a nice 3m warm up out there before getting started. Workout went well (3:01/3:02/3:01/2:58) I could def feel my quads on the climbing but overall was happy with how it went. 3m jog home before heading to Albany for our team meeting, got sweat new jackets!!
Thurs - 4m (28:11) decided to keep it short today with having plans for the evening. Hit up PF afterwards then out for a bit with some ppl.
Fri - AM 3m (21:57) nice easy shakeout surprisingly warm this morning.
Pm - 7+ (49:32) nice out and back thru the high school
Sat - 3m (22:02)
Sun - 10m Stockade-athon. not a good day, legs still don't feel good ended up dropping after i start to go backwards quickly

Total - 53

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