Tuesday, November 20, 2012

11/19 - 11/25

Mon - 10m (72:05) started out very easy. Got rolling towards the end but never pushed the run. Pretty nice out tonight. Finished up with some strides
Tues - 11m (71:10) 5x800 hill repeats. Plan was to keep them controlled and not be hunched over after any of the reps. Got in a nice 3m warm up to the hill, some quick stretching then got the workout going. Its a pretty good hill with the last 300-350 being pretty steep.(for CP) The only downside its on a back road and there are no lights on the street. Felt a lot better then 2 weeks ago when I did this workout, today I went - 256/255/255/251/247. 3m cool down back to the house for a solid day.
Wed - Am 3m (23:56)
Pm - 5m (33:25) before heading back to NH was supposed to go 7 but needed to be on the road by 2 in a attempt to beat traffic.
Thurs- 10m with 5k tempo in between. Workout was pegged for Saturday but with all the traveling this week I had to fit it in when I could.
Fri - 10m (68:50) was a bit overdressed for this run really didn't expect it to be so warm out.
Sat - 9m+ (65:00) Ended up working around the house all day. Moving the treadmill and fixing some sliding doors. Didn't get a chance to run until 5pm. Just hoped on the treadmill, not bad beside staring at the wall for over a hour.
Sun - 7m (47:02) was supposed to do a long run today but again had to use the treadmill. Got halfway thru and decided another hour would just be adding to the time it would take to get back to the apartment.

Total - 65m with some nice runs in NH on quite roads!

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