Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Mon - 3m (21:30)
Tues - 4m (27:50) Ran a little with Derrick, good time had a lot of catching up to do haven't run with him in over 3 weeks
Wed - 5m (35:14) @ UAlbany did the warm up with the group and then added on. Watched the workout afterwards / while jogging around. hit up 99 after for some food (a lot of food)
Thurs - 5m (34:17) Did the evergreen loop before heading to the gym
Fri - 6.5 (43:35) ran with Derrick, felt a bit tired might just be due to the added workload.
Sat - 7+ (50:20) This was a awesome run, with how great the weather was today and no rush to get anything done I was able to just relax and run. much to my surprise I was able to clip off the run in a decent time with little effort
Sun - 11.5 (1:32:21) w/ Renee and some willow street ppl, previewed the stockade - athon course. keep it really easy (longest run since hartford) Hit the gym afterwards for a easy day of lifting

Total - 42m

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