Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers day 5k

Sunday July 17th was the Fathers day 5k in Dover, NH. I decided to jump into the race and see where I was based on workout and previous races, I knew there was a good chance of someone being at this race as the past two years have been a good field for a local race. This was no different on my warm up I saw Nate Huppe I have raced him a few time and knew he would be running up front. As the gun went off I settled into 2nd and was 4-5secs off the lead, went through the mile 5:21 about 5-6secs back over the 2nd mile I was closing the gap and shortly before 2 I took the lead. At this point I wanted to try and break away instead of settling in, shortly after 2 1/4 I let off the gas a bit on a down hill to get ready knowing it was going to most likely come down to a kick. Once we hit 2.5 Nathan made a huge move and opened a gap, I tried to recover and go when he did but had nothing to go, with about 400 to go I knew it was over. I missed the splits for the other mile markers, I wasn't happy with the time today the from my past workouts I thought 1630 should have been do able and with having someone to race against I figured it was a perfect setup for a good time. Just didn't seem to have it today got a few weeks until I race again hopefully I'll have a better day.

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