Monday, June 18, 2012

6/18 - 6/24

Mon - Am 10m in Newmarket with Sam Wood, no watch this morning we just went out and ran. A nice mix of roads and trails with some nice climbs on the roads.
PM - 5m (33:05) Felt good and under control, legs felt refreshed after the morning run.
Tues - 11m (1:15:01) Did a loop in Durham, had some nice roads with some rolling hills. The best part was there was orientation at UNH so plenty of cuties out.
Wed - 9m (65:xx) was supposed to do Min on min off with Sam, we decided to bag it do to the heat. That plan was changed to just run the 9m loop and survive. I struggled hard the last 1.5 took about 15mins to cover distance..
Thurs - 0 legs felt like junk and only have the morning to snag a run
Fri - 0 Tommy's wedding
Sat- 0 previous day should sum that one up
Sun- 16m (1:55:xx) in Keene with Boj, Thomas, Ryan and Plankey..nice way to break up my 4 hr drive home.

Total - 51 m not a horrible week but obviously could have been better if I didn't miss 3 week will be another chill week shooting for 65-70.

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