Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stock-ade-athon 15k

Today was the Stock-Ade-Athon 15k, I went into this race a bit nervous after last weeks race and only being back 5weeks. I arrived around 7:45 shortly after we were out for a warm-up, I felt good and had no issues with my shin. Once the race went out I wanted to stay relaxed and get out a bit slower to avoid any blow-ups. I got out in 5:39 and felt pretty good over the next 4 miles I was in a group with 2 other ARE members I hit 5m in 28:43 shortly after 5 the course begins to climb this was the part of the course i thought I would be able to make up ground on those who went out faster. Instead I started to real backwards and struggled with the climbs. Shortly after the 8m mark I finally found some fight after 3 bad miles, from 8-9 I was able to salvage my 2nd fastest mile of the day 5:32 and had a good kick in the final .3. Overall it was a ok race steps in the right direction, I was also happy that even tho i had some tightness in my shin it never got past that.


Mile 8 seemed to be a bit long but even so it was a bad mile. Hoping to bump up the mileage over the next couple weeks and build my endurance up.

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  1. Sounds like this race went better than last week man. Good to see its coming along.