Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fast Friends

This morning was the Fast Friends 4.5 miler,the race is directed by Andy and all of the keeyans go over in support. The course itself if very challenging and adds a element with being 6days removed from the half marathon. After a nice warm up with James I threw on my new mayfly's to give them a try and headed to the start area to meet up with everyone. As the race went out the first mile is mostly flat, Fyffe,Miller and Hammett got out ahead of George and myself. A little before the mile I put in a surge to give myself a gap on George going into the climb knowing I can't climb with George. This worked perfect as he caught me at the top and I didn't give up much ground, the down hill really made the half come back into my legs as my calf's started to tighten up. I was able to make one final move at 2.5 and pull away from George to put myself in 4th at this point I could see Hammett in the distance. The final mile is deceiving as the climb isn't to bad but after everything its the icing on the cake it just sucks up any wheels you were hoping to have at the end. Overall I finished 4th in 25:23 which is a new pr for that distance. Also for those who enjoy a fun a challenging race they should try this one!!!

2)5:49 hill

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