Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Bedford Half Marathon

This weekend was the New Bedford Half, the first race of the 2011 grand prix. Everyone seemed to be excited for the race as well as that the team got new sponsors. As for the race, I headed to the start about 5mins of 11 and realized it was going to be tough to get up front with the team, I managed to sneak in with the 7-8 min mile group and couldn't really move any further forward. Over the first few miles I was moving threw the crowds looking to locate some fellow CMS guys. I came threw the mile (my watch) at 5:34 and finally could see some of my teammates I spotted George Adams and a bit ahead of him Jim P. Over the next few miles I worked to get with George, I caught him at 5m (28:30) and spotted Jim as he was ditching his gloves. I noticed he was in a large group and I wanted to try and get up with them. I set the goal of catching them by 10m but we seemed to be running the same pace, around this point I was able to catch Kevin Tilton who was coming off snow shoe nat's we worked together to try and get with the group ahead over the next couple of miles. As we approached 11m I realized that this was were I began to fall apart last year and didn't want the same result, I also noticed Jim making a strong move and breaking up the group he was in this helped me greatly as people were coming back from the group. As we approached 12m I saw DD and used him as a marker to tell how from from the front of the group I was about 14-15secs which held till the end. Overall I was very happy to run a PR and also that the team ran well.

5:25 (28:30)
5:45 (56:42)


  1. Jeff those splits are pretty nice... Your two highest miles were the two miles that both Greg and I had our highest splits on too... the rest of your splits were pretty consistent... nice work man... solid day for CMS!

  2. Nice job man. Congrats on the PR!

  3. Nice work Jeff, looks like you were able to stay strong the whole way. Too bad you had to start so far back, but you certainly made up for that.

  4. Congrats on the PR. Sounds like you were really racing out there.