Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bradford Valentine 5m

Today myself,Greg,Boj and Jen headed down to Bradford MA to run the Bradford Valentine 5m. I was looking towards this race to begin transitioning back to the roads, after a 3m warm up over the first part of the course we realized the climb was longer then we imagined. As the race got out Greg was up in front with one other there were two people between myself and him. I hit the mile in 5:28 and was settled in 5th. After the first turn I noticed that there was no one close behind me and the race was going to be trying to reel in those in front. The next mile it became clear that the only person I would have a chance to catch would be Keiron Tumbleton (Whirlaway) I continued to chase after Keiron for the next 4 miles. He was very tough to catch and I am not sure I would have if not for getting a few breaks. At about 3m we meet back up with the group racing 6k at this point you are now in crowded streets which had some icy sections. At about 3.5 I saw Keiron slip going around some other runners and slide into the snow bank, this allowed me too close the gap a bit. Over the last mile I was now right with him and after one more slip, in which I put my arms out hoping to help him avoid a fall we were surging at one another. He lead until the final 300 meters in which the race finishes on a down hill and I knew that I had some closing speed from track.
Overall I was ok with the day 27:54 is the fastest I have run on the roads so I can't complain, I hope to get back to sub 27 this summer as long as I can get in some better training.

1) 5:28
2) 5:31
3-5) 16:53 didn't see the markers once we were in 6k traffic.

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