Sunday, February 27, 2011

DH Jones

Today myself,Haley,Hammett,Fyffe and George headed down to Amherst to the DH Jones 10-Miler we met up with Andy, Chris and Matt. After a 3 mile warm up it became very apparent that this wouldn't be a pr day. This was the first time I had been to this race with it not being a grand prix. Which made for a smaller field as the race got out I settled in with George and Heidi Westover we went through the first couple miles together. As we hit the dirt road it was snow covered and very slick. I struggled over these miles as I couldn't get any traction in my road flats, George and Heidi pulled away at this point putting about 20 secs on me. Once we got back on the road I knew I had ground to make up over the next 2miles I pressed the pace in a hope to close the gap I began to lose hope on gaining ground for a moment until I noticed George pulling away from Heidi and knew there was still a chance. I ended up catching Heidi around 8 miles and knew I needed to keep pushing, I continued to move up and get back with George and made one of my few mistakes I passed George on the climb before mile 9 instead of tucking in and trying to conserve energy I tried to pass and get away. Instead of that happening I passed and right after 9 miles George took over the lead again and crushed me on the final climbs.
Overall I was happy with the effort and that even tho I haven't been able to train a lot I still have good strength and speed.
Overall-59:02 13th Place

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