Monday, December 5, 2011


Mon- 7m 46:57 felt relaxed. normal 5m loop plus loops around the high school campus....that place is huge
Tues- 0m (doctors apt)
Wed- 0m Raining
Thurs- 7m (800/1200/1600/1600/1200/800) 1min recovery
Fri- 7m (47:08)
Sat- Am 5m (34:25)
Pm 7m (45:42)
Sun- 7m (47:02)

Total- 40m (5days)

Overall- felt good this week, had a good workout Thursday had very short rest. Started a new diet this week after tipping the scale on the heavy side which would explain the struggles with racing. Felt much better this week hoping this is a good sign.

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