Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Mon- 0 snowboarded all day
Tues-3m ( had to squeeze it in between family and travel)
Wed- 9m Workout. 2k/1600/1200/800/400 Recovery (90/60/45/30 secs)
Times- 7:16/5:45/4:13/2:42/76...It was very windy today myself, Brian and Andrew split the workload to battle the wind there were times that I felt like i was sprinting to hold pace on the back streach. Overall it was a good workout and good effort.
Thurs- 9m (1:00:41)
Fri- 5m (33:00) with Eric and Thomas
Sat- 11m @ BU mini meet 3k-9:28 mile-4:48 another good workout, legs felt pretty heavy to start the mile. Overall happy with the day
Sun-16m with Eric and Thomas and Brandon..clearing plus 3 with Wilson Perez

Total- 53m

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