Monday, September 29, 2014

9/29 - 10/5

Mon- 9 (60:53) plus or minus a few. In the pine bush trails with Aaron, Pete, Mackey and Eric. Nice run and hit some sweet trails.

Tues - 7.5m (56:05) with Joe Benny in albany.

Wed - 8m (track) plan was to do 8x4-8x2. Was a bit more ambitious then I originally thought. Did tonight's workout with Kiley (150/40x) Aaron (150/405) and Pete (150/414) and just for shits and giggles Goup (209/434) needless to say when they decided to pick it up I went off the back of the pack..but it was a blast trying to hang.

Actual workout : 7x400 and 2x200
I stopped short on the 400's as I was starting to go backwards. On the 200's I tried to stick with the group on the first one, then got a little head start on Pete and tried to hold him off..he went 25-26 low - no chance on holding off. 

Thurs- 8++ (60:28) nice and easy run

Fri - Off

Sat - 11m (Apple Run 5k)
Shot over to Burnt Hills for the Apple Run 5k, I knew Pete was going to be at the race. Intended to work together ( as we figured we were in similar shape) A bit of a change of plan happened on race day. Tony G showed up (it is only .5m from his house) this was a game changer as I knew he had just run 1601.
We got out in a nice pack and cruised through the first 1/2m together before Tony took over the lead and started to open things up. Myself and Pete continued together trying to keep Tony close, I hit the mile in 5:12 and tried to close the gap up on Tony around 2m Pete pulled up alongside me and was able to open up a nice gap. The last mile was pretty tough I was reeling backwards pretty hard after 1.5m and just wanted to hang on. Finished up in 17:11 which was no what I was hoping for but it is the fastest 5k since I've been back training. Went out for a 5+ cool down with Pete and Tony to pack in some miles.

Sun - 10m (67:07) relaxed medium long run. Was 43 out when I started and about 47 at the finish.

Total - 53m

Overall a good week got the miles up and started to build the long runs into the training.

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