Wednesday, September 24, 2014

9/22 - 9/28

Mon - 5.5m (40:40) quads were really sore. Not bad on the ups tough on the downs.

Tues - 5m (32:24) 

Wed- 10m (3xmile - 800 rest) jumped into the workout with Pete. Goal was 520-515, 515-510, 510-505. Wasn't sure how the legs were going to feel but everything felt good. 
Felt a tad off the 1st 400 of the 1st rep but after that it was clock work. The last rep we can threw 400 as Eric started his set, I knew he was running 500 or under and just tried to latch on with a hope of getting close to 500 or under.

Thurs - 7m (48:50) 

Fri- 3+ (22:10)

Sat - off

Sun - 8m (brocktrot 5k) 1st place 17:25. Had nothing for the the last 1.1 of climbing..but got the win so I am happy.

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