Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Mon - 5m (34:11) lifted upper
Tues- 5.5m (37:50)
Wed - 9m - track workout (5x800) jumped in with Pete, Nick and Paul for a nice workout 5x800 half rest. The goal was 230 down to 225. I wasn't to sure on the times at first thinking it might be a tad fast. I took the lead on the reps to try and control it a little, to my surprise it didn't feel to fast and felt smooth. 


Everything felt good and I can tell my fitness is there! Ready to roll this weekend!

Thurs - 5m (34:45)

Fri - off

Sat - 5m (33:55)

Sun - 16m (Palio half) jumping into a half with no long runs was not the best idea but got a good hard run out of it.

Total - 46m

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