Sunday, August 24, 2014


Mon - 7m (Wilton wildlife trail 5k) this was the last of the series and my 2nd time this year going to this race. Got in a easy warmup with Casey before meeting up with Shaun and heading to the line. Stuck to my plan of not getting out to quick, after 1/2m I settled into 3rd and began to close the gap on Shaun and Jake. Was able to catch them and stick with them till 1.5m when they really cracked down the pace. As they pulled away I knew in wasn't fading just didn't has that gear. Was able to hang on for 3rd in a new PR for this race (18:09).
Splits: 5:51/11:42/17:33/:36
Overall was happy how the legs felt (still breathing like a fat kid..just 2 weeks till alumni 

Tues - 5m (36:56) a bit quicker then planned but felt good

Wed- 0m really warm out

Thurs- 5m (34:34) with Derrick

Fri - 5m (37:14) long day at work was nice to relax on the run.

Sat - 7+ (49:11) got out pretty late, it was a nice and quite run.

Sun - 16m (2:04:14) ran with the FFW team. Nice and relaxed run..was pretty surprised to go that long on an empty stomach and feel fine.

Total - 45m 

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