Thursday, August 14, 2014


Went to the Shen track for a nice speed workout, we met up with gavs and got in a 3+ warm-up. After some strides and drills we got into the workout. The first rep was under control to see how the legs were feeling, everything felt good and we started to crank it down.

Times - 240/236/235/233/231

Felt pretty good on this workout I was breathing pretty heavy on the last rep, it was bad enough that Gavs went by me in the first 200 thinking that I was done. Normally he would have been 100% correct. He started to pull away and I hit the 400 in 77, immediately said "SHIT!" and started to try and close the gap. Last thing I wanted to do was F up my workout and not pull it together. With 300 to go I surprisingly opened it up and was able to come back in 74 (breathing like a fat kid)

Feeling pretty good these past few weeks just in time to have some fun at Alumni in a couple weeks

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