Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wk 10

Mon - 9.5 (62:05) controlled for the first 8 then 1.5 @(8:09) was planning for .5 cool down but heard the walking board on the treadmill give way..cracked from the from to back.
Tues - am 3m (nt) 
Pm 7m (47:42) followed by weight training
Wed- 8m (56:40) in toga with Megan, Shaun and Eric 
Thurs - 5+ (40:42) 
Fri - 0m got home around 8 decided to just take a day.
Sat - am 15m (1:51:22) w/Jessy. Paced Jessy thru her workout was originally only going to do 10-12m but it was 30 out at 630 am. Guess you could say the nice weather got the best of me..and Jessy killed her workout
Sun -0 worked the expo, came home and made the mistake of relaxing for a bit. Next thing I knew it was 8pm.

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