Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Bedford

3/16 - Was the newbedford half marathon, I was feeling pretty relaxed and ready. We got in a easy 3m warm up and headed to the line, within the first mile I was noticing it felt a bit off. I hoped that as we got going that would change and I could get moving. Around 3 miles I got with a group and tried to use them to pull me thru, about a mile later I was falling off the group. I came thru 5m(28:54) slower then DH jones. I knew I needed to charge, I was able to pick it up a bit from 10k - 15k but not enough to make a huge change. Thru the 10m (57:58) I knew I would need to run well the last 5k to break 76 mins. I can tell you now my wheels are somewhere around mile 10 still. The last 5k was brutal, I finished up in 77:39 which I can't be too upset about. This is the fastest half I have run in the past 3 years and considering it was an off day that's not horrible. I looked back at some of my other races that were on days and slower. I know I'm in 74-75 min shape and that showed by the groups I beat at DH Jone running in those ranges. 

Overall it was a tough day at the office but also put more wood in the fire. 

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