Tuesday, December 30, 2014

VCM Journey

It's been some time since I've used the blog for anything useful. I've decided I will bring it back and track my training leading upto VCM and hopefully the remainder of 2015. A bit of background, since mid November I have been running solely base miles, nothing huge but also nothing structured. The plan was to get a nice base before going into the training cycle, I managed to stay around 50-55 miles a week with days off when I felt like being lazy. The last two weeks I added a long run to prep for training to begin (15,16m) I'm taking a very modest approach to VCM this year with the simple goal to obtain a new PR. In review of last year I believe I put to much on the time I wanted to see and really missed some key point, in the end I ran like shit. This week marks the first portion of scheduled training for VCM. 

Stay healthy/hungry
Keep easy days easy
Follow the damn plan!
Lastly sub 2:48:04

The plan:
The plan is simple to build in slowly and do it right no short-cuts
Phase 1 - adjust to scheduled mileage and hold a level of consistancy.
Phase 2 - continue to build the mileage with the addition of hill workouts
Phase 3 - Add tempo's in addition to hills and a slight increase in miles
Phase 4 - replace hills with track work and fine tune 

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