Sunday, April 15, 2012

Delmar Dash

Today was the 24th annual Delmar Dash in Delmar NY, We arrived at 7:45 got some front row parking talked to a few ppl got a race tee (helps knowing the person handing out shirts). Also the got a unused porta potty AWESOME, at 8:15 we heading out for a warm up go 2.5m quick bathroom break then to getting the flats and uniform. Headed to a side parking lot for a few strides and drills before heading up to the line. Was really unsure how today would go was hoping to run mid 27 but wasn't too sure that would happen. Once at the line i settle in the second row behind Eric and Kevin, we got the go command and i tucked right in with a group of ARE guys. The first mile felt pretty easy 5:27 at this point i pushed ahead of the group and tried to get up with the next group, the overcast that we had at the start had seemed to blow over durning that first mile and everyone could feel it starting to get warm / humid. I felt like i was closing the gap on the group in front of me and wanted to get with them to not be in no mans land. As we hit 2m (5:30) the course begins to have a ton of long straight aways and i could tell the group was putting distance on me and i knew there was a group not to far back at this point i was 8th-9th place at 3m (5:43) at about 3.5 i got caught by that group a few guys got in front of me after about 200m I started to re-rally and passed a couple guys 4m (5:51) this was part of getting caught, it was a bit rough and could feel the humidity ( guess i got to start getting used to it) Over the last mile I was trying to fight back but couldn't seem to really change that gear i was able to close the gap on a few guys but not able to get in true striking distance. As we made the turn for the final 600m I could start to hear Joe Benny cheering which allowed me to know how close they were behind me, it also keep me going to try and close the gap to no luck. (5:46) last mile finished about a minute slower then i was hoping. I got a little while till i race again most likely at the Bedford 12k so until then I will be doing a lot of speed work to try and get some turn over back.

10:58 (5:30)
16:42 (5:43)
22:33 (5:51)
28:20 (5:46)

There was no team competition which i thought was strange being a USATF race but i guess that is the different between NE and Adirondack. Overall it was a good day 13th overall even tho there were guys from both our team and willow street missing for various reason (some running boston others coaching or working a race) I know I have some work to do but i think things are coming around.

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