Monday, April 2, 2012

Fast Friends 4.5m

Today was the annual fast friends race put on by Andy, this race has become one of the few races that we all make sure to be at. I arrived at 8 with boj, we got signed in and headed out to yale for a warm-up (boy did it feel good being on trails) at 915 the race was off. Like always it was a pretty stacked field and i was unsure how things would go considering my past races, I got out comfortable and was 3-4 secs behind Heidi thru the mile I stayed about the same thru the climb and opened it up on the down hill. Once we got thru 2m it seemed like a repeat of the years past I could see Hammett's red shirt in the distance making the turns on Matthews rd and Matt Clark was about 15-20 ahead and the gap never grew or shrunk. For the first time i felt i was running well and felt relaxed (as much as you can racing) I ended up finishing 6th overall (25:44) This year the start was a bit further back then the past years which added a bit to the course and this was still my 2nd fastest time! I was pumped for how the race went this course is really tough and makes you fight for every second. Overall this was the type of race i needed i ran the way i should and the results showed that my fitness is coming around.

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