Monday, April 2, 2012

4/2 - 4/8

Mon - Am 3m (21:59) with Renee it was a early start today out the door at 515
Pm 10+ (1:09:26) We did the CPC loop felt really good
Tues - 7m 47:51 Started out on a 11m loop with eric but decided to bail as i have a slight head cold and wasn't feeling better after a few miles.
Wed - 8m Track 6x1000 (200 rest) got in a short warm up and was looking to keep things in control. 3:27/3:35/3:36/3:35/3:26/3:10 after the first 3 Rich tagged along and it seemed to get me thinking how good i was feeling did the 4th-5th set with him then the last solo.
Thurs - 10+ (1:13:52) Keep it easy today ran over to the Kinns rd trails about 4m there some easy loops there before heading home. just what the doctor ordered.
Fri - Am 5m (38:30) before work legs felt good.
Sat - 18m Great bay half, I decided since things seemed to be going better i would give the half another go. I found this one which is right near my parents house, figured it would get me out the door for saturday and thought it would be really low key (never happens) Got in a nice warm up with Jim Johnson and Dave Dunham. Felt good and was thinking 75-76 would be do-able. This was till about 2m in i started to think i should have just run the 5k, i keep pushing till about 7-8 miles were nothing was working (the course get tougher also) Decided to bag it and save it for Delmar dash. Over the last few miles I cheered for ppl catching me talked to some helpers on the course just enjoyed the nice views on the run.
Sun - 0m took the day off chilled with the family played 2hrs of bball (1on1) with my brother and tossed out the old couches

Total 61m (6days)

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