Monday, September 24, 2012


Mon - Am 3m (22:46) a bit cold this morning, got to bust out some winter gear
Pm - 7m (48:20) ran with Derrick who is getting ready for masters nationals in Syracuse. Keep it nice and easy
Tues - Am 3m (23:46)
Pm 7m (48:40)
Wed - Am 5m (36:24) Legs felt a bit heavy, got some rain the 2nd half of the run
Pm - 11m 3xMile (800 rest) 516/514/508
Thurs - Am 3m (22:25)
Pm - 7m (46:50)
Fri - Am 3m (23:05)
Pm 7+ (50:18) in Keene, we set out for 4-5 as it rained the whole ride over..ended up getting the 7 that was scheduled anyways.
Sat - Am watched KSC invite, both teams ran well..both teams won the team race and both men and women won the individual race.
Pm - 19m (1:57:07) In Grafton with Ferenc, Fyffe and Macknight. We killed it the last time I did this run I ran 2:07:39 and now have a bridge named after me where I was sure it was all over. Felt really good the whole run, had a little tightness in my right IT band in the final miles but was able to keep rolling. Only had 2 stops the entire run 1 bathroom break and the other was a bloody nose, went to blow a snot rocket ended up just blood every were. Once I handle that it was back to crushing mode for the remainder of the run, Fyffe got me amped up in the final 1.5 he started talking about going sub 2 for the loop we picked it up to make sure we made it.
Sun - 0 (running) decided to take a day off and rest the IT band, ended up getting 30+ on the road bike watching Hammett and George race the Marathon in Keene. Only dumped the bike once going maybe 2 mph trying to get on the side walk, gave me a good laugh.

Total - 75 (6days) only 2 weeks till Hartford, after saturdays run I feel like I am ready to go, just need to take care of this little IT band thing.

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