Wednesday, September 5, 2012

8/27 - 9/2

Mon - Am 3m (22:27)
Pm 10m (1:05:44) Felt really relaxed and smooth

Tues - Am 4m (27:54) Rained for the first 3m then got clear and hot fast
Pm - 8+ (52:52)

Wed - Am 3m (21:58)
Pm 15m (track) 3 up&down (workout - 4x4/3x8/mile/3x8/4x4 (Half Rest)
Felt pretty good for most of the workout it was def a long time to be out on the track.

Thurs - Am 3m (23:54)
Pm - 7++ (56:17)

Fri - Am 3m (22:09)
Pm - 5m (35:29) In keene with Najem and met boj on the trails

Sat - 11m Keene Alumni race - 17:35 Never really felt bad just couldn't turn the legs over

Sun - 17m (1:54:33) at Ferenc's house with him and Hammett I felt really strong was able to climb a bit with them and closed the last 3 on the roads with minimal effort.

Total - 90m

Good mileage week with 1 good workout and a ok race

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