Monday, August 20, 2012

8/20 - 8/26

Mon - Am 3m (22:04)
Pm 7+ (49:56) Legs felt a bit tired but keep it nice and easy.

Tues - Am 4m (28:08) ran with Renee
Pm 7+ (51:19) Nice and easy, this cool weather makes running so enjoyable. Legs felt refreshed! looking forward to tomorrows workout

Wed - Am 3m (21:46) A tad cold this morning could have gotten away with gloves possibly ( in August???)
Pm - 12m (track) Had the planned workout of 6x1200 (400rest) 6x400 (400rest) this workout turned out to be much harder then I thought it would be. The 12's were to be at Half Marathon Pace and the 4's at 70-75 (work on speed when tired)
Times - 412/410/410/410/415/dnf
The 6th 12 I dropped from after 400 when I struggled through in 87, tried to walk it off grab a drink and get going for the 4's. Had nothing when I stepped back on the track the 1st was ok the second interval I death marched the final 100. Decided to call it a day, As Wilson has always told me listen to your body if you don't have it don't force it and if your feeling good just stick to the workout...Today was one of those don't have it type of days.

Thurs- pm 10m (1:10:15) no morning run today. Got home at 5, layed down till just after 7 I felt more tired today then I do when I run in the am. Keep it nice and easy, mixed and matched some runs together to get 70min..mapped it out when I got home bam 10 even.

Fri- Am 5m (36:57) still feeling a bit sluggish but today is a planned light day just a easy 5 hopefully I'll feel better come tomorrow

Sat- 0 hung out with the family

Sun - 10m (1:12:07) damn dog across the street woke me up at 630 decided I might as well go run before Sunday breakfast.

Total - 61m

Not a planned down week but things happen.

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