Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cigna 5k

August 9th was the Cigna 5k we had headed up to Keene the night before to cut down on travel. We left Keene just before 4pm for the 620 start time. The trip was pretty quick with no real traffic issues. Once we arrived and got bibs we set out for a 3m warm up with the Keene guys. My legs felt a bit heavy to start the warm up but after a mile or so began to feel better. Once at the line I met up with San Wood and George Adams, we talked briefly and I knew me and Sam were chasing the same time. We got out And instantly were in a pack together working towards out goal time 1620 or better. I was slightly nervous after the opening mile 516 it felt a bit harder then expected which could have been the bump in miles or that we had 8 miles on the day prior to the start. We continued to push the second mile which has some down hill at the point I got in front of George and Sam as I tried to push the 2nd mile 5:17 I was starting to feel good and had the thought that I might be able to get close to my Pr, at about 2.5 the wheels started coming off which seemed to happen to most that I talked to, I struggled to the 3m 532 and tried to kick with what ever was left which wasn't much. I ended up finish in 16:41 which is my fastest 5k on the year other then my split from the 4m of 1640. Overall it was a fun time I would have liked to run faster but it seemed almost across the board everyone was a bit slower then expected. Next on the schedule will be the Keene state alumni race.

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