Thursday, August 16, 2012


Mon - 11m ( 1:13:10) Did our normal loop for 11 left before Eric and met him at approx 6.5m he only needed 7ish worked out well.

Tues - Am 3m (22:54 )
Pm 8m - Local 5k - The start was 5mins from the house so it seemed like a good idea to go. Got in a quick 2m warm up before going to the line, I wanted to try and do cut down miles which didn't quite happen the plan was 540/530/520...Ended up going 523/531/529/31 legs felt much better then on thursday might have run a seasons best had we went after it.

Wed - Am 3m (23:11 )
Pm 14m (track workout) 3m warm up/cool-down. The workout was 6xMile (400 rest) At goal marathon pace (545-600) splits were as follows 558/551/548/547/542/530. Rich had joined me for the first 5 he helped keep me in check. Felt really smooth almost had the thought that I could continue but gotta stick to the plan.

Thurs - Am 3m (24:02)
Pm 7+ ( 51:44)

Fri - Am 5m (34:19 )
Pm 7m (45:07)

Sat - 8m (56:09)

Sun - 15.25m (1:36:17) Finally hit my long run the way I was supposed to, felt smooth and relaxed for majority of the run the last 3.16 was at (5:55 pace).

Total - 84m

Another good week, starting to get excited for the fall racing. Got a couple races coming up over the next few weeks starting with alumni 9/1 followed by the dunkin 5k and the Philly Half.

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