Monday, August 6, 2012

8/6 - 8/12

Mon - Am 3m (22:30) Legs we a bit sluggish this morning. New shoes fixed all the little pains that I was having.
Pm 7m (45:52) Ran with Eric, the plan called for 640-7 min pace. It was nice weather to run felt relaxed.

Tues - Am 5m (34:44) Felt good, it was pretty cool this morning Low 60's made the run more enjoyable.
Pm 7m (45:11) Did first 2m easy 14:05, from there we did 5x1min pick ups 450-500 pace. Derrick tagged along for the run. Felt a bit Sluggish after the pick ups I started to feel much better.

Wed- Am 3m (22:30) legs felt really fresh and had some pop. It was also nice and cool decided to Rick a long sleeve.
Pm 5m (38:xx) in Keene with Eric and Karen.

Thurs- Am 5m (36:20) easy shakeout.
Pm 10m Cigna 5k (16:41)

Fri- Am 5m (nt)
Pm 11+ (1:19:30) went out for 7, but we decided to hit some old trails and hit up goose pond. Good run and a nice swim

Sat- Am 3m (23:20) with Pete Thomas
Pm 9m (68:15) did hilly goose again before the alumni party

Sun - Am 3m (23:40) with Pete Thomas
Pm 9m (68:45) hilly goose

Total- 85

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