Monday, July 30, 2012

7/30 - 8/5

Mon - Am 5m (34:18) Legs felt heavy from yesterdays run. Rolled out my legs with a tennis ball hurt a ton.
Pm 5m Tempo (28:42) Legs felt a lot better splits (rough estimate on mile markers) 610/602/546/528/514. The only marker I knew was a true mile was the last mile, rolled out with tennis ball again not as bad as this morning.

Tues - Am 3m (22:58)
Pm 7m (49:18) Keep it easy knowing we had a workout the following day. felt really easy the entire run.

Wed - Am 3m (24:05)
Pm 13m Track workout 2m/4x800/4x400 (8/4/2 rest) @ half marathon pace
Was very happy with how today went, stayed relaxed and was happy that I was able to change gears on the 4's

Thurs - Am 3m (24:04)
Pm 7m (50:38)

Fri - Am 4+ (31:44) had it planned to go 5 but got out the door late and needed to be at contractor training by 730. Soon everyone will be able to teach solo and i wont have to do it...perks of being in-charge
Pm 7++ (52:25) Needed to make sure I got 12 on the day I mapped out my morning loop to know what was needed 4.3 am 7.7 pm golden another day down

Sat - Am 5m (31:31) Met with Derrick at Shen for a "easy" 5 we cruised a new loop through the neighborhoods. I was convinced it was 4.5 maybe a tad over but not a full 5. I decided to map it out when I got home to much surprise it was spot on.

Sun - 14m (1:36:44) The plan called for 15m starting at 715-600, this obviously didn't happen today. It was pretty humid to start the run which is never good for me, I felt good at the turn around but we didn't have any fluids on the run. I planned to get after it once we hit 10 and get 4m at the proposed pace, as we got to the 10m I could tell that the finish was going to be tough and decided to bag the pick up and just finish the run. This turned out to be the best call! With 1.5 to go my legs were toast, I slowly lost ground on the guys and ended up just jogging it in.

Total - 82m up 12 from last week with 2 good workouts, just need to get the long runs to come together..hopefully as the weather gets cooler i'll begin to feel better.

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