Thursday, July 19, 2012


Mon - 0 Needed a day to recover from Stowe. Legs felt like junk all day, drank 4 Nalgene bottles later I almost felt like I was rehydrated.

Tues - Am 3m (23:50)
Pm 5m (34:48) Waited till 9pm to run trying to wait out the heat. felt like we were flying but I guess thats part of running at night

Wed - 11m track work out. 2x1200/3x1000/2x800 (400/200 rest) @ LT for 12/1k and 8's @ 10k
Was supposed to do 3x800 but noticed the group was waiting so I ended 1 early, when I got back to the tent I realized they had already left. oh well got 9k of running on the track and felt smooth and light, reassured that Stowe was just a tough day.

Thurs - Am 3m (NT)
Pm 7m (48:42)

Fri- Am 3m (NT)
Pm 9m (1:02:00)

Sat - Am 6m @ silks and satins (just watched)

Sun - 11m (1:16:12) waited till about 7pm before getting out the door, felt good and relaxed.

Total - 58m (6days)

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