Monday, July 9, 2012

7/9 - 7/15

Mon - 9m (Camp Saratoga fun run) Went up to Wilton for the fun run 3m warm up/cool down 5k trail race 18:13 5th overall. Just didn't have it on the climbs, just tried to stay relaxed and work the areas that I could work.
Tues - Am 3m (NT)
Pm 9m (1:00:27) Went to meet with Derrick but no dice.
Wed - Am 3m (NT)
Pm 8m (track) 6x600 (400 rest) 1:57/1:57/1:59/1:59/1:58/1:54
Felt like I could continue to run the times each set but couldn't go any faster with the group, just didn't have any pop in the legs. Oh well
Thurs - Am 4m (NT)
Pm 5m (35:30)
Fri - 8m (55:12)
Sat - Am 3m (NT)
Sun -14m @ Stowe - rough day

Total -69m

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