Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blessing Of The Fleet

Friday 7/27 Myself and Najem headed down to RI for Blessing of the fleet 10 miler. We arrived around 4:45 for the 6pm start, met up with Eamon for a nice warm-up and to grab my bib. Right around this point it began to rain pretty hard, I was pretty pumped that it was raining I tend to run pretty well in the rain. At about 5:50 they announced the race would be postponed to 6:30, I was pretty pissed about that announcement with it being so close to start time. I continued to jog around waiting for the start of the race to happen, at 6:30 we were finally on the line there was still a lite rain. The first mile is downhill so I made sure to get out slow and not do anything stupid in the first mile, I felt really good and was rolling with a couple of guys after 2.5 I seemed to be out in no mans land trying to catch the pack in front of me. At this point we caught the walkers who started 30mins before us (which was dumb!) also the overcast broke, I missed the 3m mark I was still working on catching the group in front of me but was losing site of them with the walkers. Just after 4m you hit a long gradual uphill I had also cleared the walkers and noticed the group I was chasing had built a larger lead on me, over the next miles everything slowly fell apart I had hit the half way point at 28:49 (on pace for 58 low) The last 3-4 miles was basically a death march. I'm not sure why my races keep being so up and down, but I am pretty certain that had we started at 6pm like planned things would have been better. Instead of dealing with 5-6m of the sun I could have been 7-8 miles in before the sun broke out.

All in all it was a shitty day, Oh well!

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