Monday, September 17, 2012


Mon - Pm 9m (1:01:58) Legs felt ok except for my right quad was still a bit tender. Hoping it will be better by mid week.
Tues - Am 5m (37:14)
Pm 8m (57:21) Was only going to do 5 and rest my leg but we had a down pour and the roads were flooded. Was having too much fun running in shin/knee deep water at points.
Wed -  Pm 10m @ track work out
Thurs - Am 3m (22:49)
Pm 7m (50:21)
Fri - Pm 11m (1:15:34) Didn't get out till late, had a after work thing for one of the guys last days at the Mill.
Sat - Am 5m ( 33:47) everything feels back to normal.
Pm 5m (33:23) in Barrington
Sun - 10m @ Track 8x400

The plan called for 14x400 but just didn't have it today a mix of being tired and general lack of focus, had a nice cool down around town after about 3m I started to roll and began to feel better.

Total - 73m

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