Monday, May 21, 2012

5/21 - 5/27

Mon - 8.5m (1:00:12) Evergreen plus high school, keep it relaxed today had light rain the whole run. 8 x strides

Tues - 8m (50:46) Mapped out a 7m loop planned to take the first 3m relaxed then tempo the final 4m and a 1m cool down around the complex well Eric added on another 3. We hit 3m in 20:32 and noticeably picked it up, we covered the next 4m in 22:38 (5:37 pace) we spilt the work up pretty well I lead for the 1st and last mile Eric covered the middle. In the last half mile we have to cross Moe rd, there were 2 cars in the turn lane and they had the green light plenty of time to turn before we got there except for a mini van that couldn't accelerate we caught the van and almost came to a complete stop before we could get around the van (ppl in NY need to learn to drive)

Wed - 10m (Track) Work out was 5x800 (400 rest) 5x200 full rest. I hadn't really thought of times for the workout and didn't have much down time at work to think about it I was more thinking how would I feel after yesterday. To my surprise I felt really good,
Got lucky on the last 800 it matched up with Eric and Rich jumped in to help Eric pulled us through 400 in 73 and Rich pulled me through the end and also the 200's. The last sets were really when everything started to set in I death marched the cool down, felt better after pounding some gatorade. Good Day

Thurs - 9m (1:05:46) Felt really tired today took about a 2m before I started to feel like I was running normal. Hit up some trails to recover a bit quicker, we both spaced out for a while looping the trail and before we knew it we had already hit 45 mins looking forward to the weekend of racing and watching some ppl race.

Fri - 3m had to get a run in before work as we wanted to get the traveling started right when I got home to avoid traffic.

Sat - 15m In the morning we went to the Wachuesset mountain race. I struggled a lot with the technical sections but was a good change of pace. In the PM did a 3m shakeout in Burlington VT.

Sun - 9m Ran down to the start of the marathon then jogged around to watch at different points on the course. After everything was all said and done we made the 2.5m run back to the hotel.

Total - 63m

Good week 2 solid workouts and my first mountain race in 2 years. Need to continue building the mileage and get stronger.

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