Monday, May 28, 2012

5/28 - 6/3

Mon - Am 8m Memorial mile. Went the the Memorial mile this morning in Glens Falls 10th place 4:46 tough to race a road mile.
Pm 4m (30:07) Nice shake out run @6pm legs felt good after the long weekend.

Tues - 8.5m (1:01:08) Evergreen Loop+high school had to wait till 6:45 while the T-storms passed, it was a good run once everything calmed down.

Wed - 11m (Track) 4x2/3x4/2x8/3x4/4x2 half rest.
Felt really good to start out, legs got heavy about half way through the workout. I could feel the 2 races in 5 days, the times were still good but I felt a bit choppy running with a group today apposed to running solo. Overall happy with getting this workout done and continue to move forward.

Thurs - 9+ (1:03:38) Couldn't decided on a run so we just went and ran a random loop turned out to be a decent loop. Keep it relaxed legs were a bit tired from yesterday but all in all good run.

Fri - 0 work function(dropped the ball)

Sat- 9+ (1:02:22) in Keene very relaxing mix of roads and trails

Sun - 13m Pack Monadnock 10m ( unofficially dropped out after 4m and 2 bathroom breaks) tough course glad once my stomach was under control I jogged the remainder.

Finished the day up with some whiffle ball before the drive home.

Total 62.5 in 6days

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