Monday, May 7, 2012

5/7 - 5/13

Mon - 5m (36:07) evergreen loop with Eric. Good to catch up on the weekend, footwas good for 3rd day of not feeling anything from it
Tues - 7+ (49:30) meet up with Derrick, did the nomral loop around town. I cut out as we went by Shen to ensure that I didn't go much over 7, even thought I am feeling good I want to take my time I have some big plans for the fall and the biggest of them it to make it there healthy and in shape.
Wed - 7m (track workout) 5x400 , 5x200 (200 rest) 75/75/74/75/72/34/34/34/32/31
Today was the best I have felt in a while, I felt very smooth and relaxed the whole time bonus was nothing from my foot while in flats. I am starting to think that my foot might have been the best thing to force me to shut down for a little bit. Looking forward to the 5k this weekend
Thurs - 7+ (n/t) Beach wood loop kept it relaxed, tried to use my GPS watch couldn't get it to link up oh well no time needed on a recovery day
Fri - 5m (35:00) Evergreen loop felt like i was holding back (first time in a while) made a effort to keep it slow. Looking forward to the race tomorrow heard its a hilly / tough course which is fine by me looking for a good workout this weekend with the goal of being ready for the bedford 5k next weekend.
Sat - 7m Jog For Jugs 5k (race Report to follow)
Sun - 10+ (1:15:39) In PB..there are trails in NY very nice to run on some soft trails.

Total - 47m

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