Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bedford 5k

Today was the Bedford 12k & 5k, the 12k was a NE grand Prix which majority of people run. We arrived at 8am so that we could watch the 12k before hand, it was fun to watch the guys race at 10:50 I headed out for a warm-up to get ready for the 5k. Covered the last mile or so of the course and got changed up for the 5k, once at the line I did a few strides my legs felt ok hamstrings felt a little tight so i decided to do a few more strides and stretching. Had a few quick words with Eric and was off to the line. Once we were out I wanted to stay in control, had some guy sprint out for the first 400m or so after that I took over the lead and held it. Came thru the 1st mile a bit slower then planned wanted to be 5:15-5:20 to open instead I was 5:25 took a quick glance back and could still see a pack about 15-20 secs back. The second mile I really got into a grove through the neighbor hoods, mile 2 went by 10:38 (5:13) was a bit quick but i felt good. Over the last mile there were a few tight turns in which I got mixed up with the lead bike, after half a mile the lead bike turned off I no longer had anything to chase I tried to surge up the hill and move when I reached the track. I hit mile 3 in 16:13 (5:34) my slowest mile of the day.

10:38 (5:13)
16:13 (5:34)
16:50 (:36)

Overall I was very happy with today I ran much more even and felt stronger, I plan to continue with the training I am doing and look forward to getting ready for some bigger races.

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