Monday, May 14, 2012

5/14 - 5/20

Mon - 7m (47:45) did normal loop with Derrick, we got lucky to miss the heavy part of the rain. Followed it up with 6x strides + lifted upper/core

Tues - 7m went to Queensbury for a low key trail 5k. We planned to do this as a tempo workout the race started at 6 and we didn't arrive till 5:50 so no warm up took about 6-7 mins into the run till I felt good ended up 5th 17:47. At 2m I felt like i could close the gap on the 2 in front of me but keep in the back of my mind that I have a track workout tomorrow.

Wed - 9m ( Track work out) 6x400 , 6x200 (200 rest) Had some company on the workout today, Andrew decided to join in. We were a bit delayed today as the Albany team was working out a bit late tonight, it was ok though only about a 10-15 min hold up and they were quick to let us know when we were clear to go. Times : 74/74/74/72/72/71....37/36/36/34/34/31...Felt good today could tell I was a bit tired from the quicker run yesterday, the only thing I couldn't figure out was the 1st 200 not sure what was with that. After we went to TCBY and got some frozen yogurt.

Thurs - 8.5m (57:51) Did the evergreen loop and added on a section in Shen High, afterwards we headed over to RPI where Keene was at the ECAC championships. We were able to watch Paige and Hoyt race the 5k, they both ran well and it was fun to watch a track meet again.

Fri - 5m 35:07 in Keene on the rail bed with Eric

Sat - 8m (Bedford 5k) race report to follow

Sun - 10.5 (1:13:57) Beech hill from
Lake house w/ Najem and Eric. Awesome run, got dropped for a bit in the final mile Eric made a push for the town line ( a Keene thing) once Najem realized it was on I tried to go but those two can fly.

Total - 55 m felt good this weeke had a solid workout and a good race, next week I will be looking to crack into the 60m range and race a mountain race at wachusett. I did this race 2 years ago and it was a good time looking forward to it.

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