Thursday, April 28, 2016

4/25 - 5/1

With this week being my 2nd to last week in NY it's been anything but relaxing. The plus side is the running is starting to come around.

Mon - 7m (51:08) round lake bike path on the cinders. Legs felt good after yesterday's effort at James Joyce. Clearly showing I am fitter and should be able to push more.

Tues - am - 3+ (25:59) w/ Renee, KQ and  Eric. Had an early start job so needed to keep it short.

Pm - 5m (35:30) felt a bit off, hoping a small change in diet helps and better hydration.

Wed - 10m (1:06:56) Met Sean at the Corning Perserve in Albany. We planned out to cover 10m with 5sets of 5 min on 3min off pick ups in the run. Felt good on the pick ups while focusing on form (leaning back to much) other then a minor hiccup of my shoes to tight and my feet going numb it was an overall good workout.

Thurs - Am - 3+ (27:10) really didn't want to get up, glad I knew Eric and Mullens were running as well.

Fri - Am - 3m (23:33) got to the hotel late..12hr day and driving to the city I changed the plan from a PM run to an AM run.

PM - 5m (34:33) normal loop with Macknight.

Sat - 8m - Spring forward 5k - 1st OA (17:31) not a great time but faster then 2 weeks ago and solo after the 1st half mile. Felt strong till around 2, started to hurt a bit but held the pace..plenty of work to be done 

Sun - 15m (1:47:58) Went to the historical Saratogoa battlefield, had a group of 9 going varying distances. 1 loop is just over 10m with a few places to make a cut off. Good overall run with some nice rolling hills.

Total- 59+ for the week. 1 good workout and 1 ok race

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